Fit (Sick) Note

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Fit (Sick) Note

You do not need a sick note for the first 7 days of an illness - you can still self-certify your illness.

  • For isolating due to COVID-19 you can get an isolation note for up to 14 days via NHS 111 Online
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If you have been ill for 7 days or less you don’t need to see a Doctor.

  • You can complete a Self Certification form yourself.
  • If your employer doesn’t have its own form your can complete the Employee's Statement of Sickness (SC2) form online
  • When you’ve filled in the form give it to your employer, it will help them decide if you can get Statutory Sick Pay. Keep a copy for your own information.

Some employers insist on a Doctor’s note regardless.

  • A Doctors note under these circumstances may involve a charge.
  • Please contact reception in these circumstances.
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